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Sign Language Interpreting Services - Tax Credits and Incentives

Sign Language Interpreting Services

Tax Credits and Incentives



Tax Credits and Incentives



Many businesses are unaware that there are tax incentives and credits available for providing accommodations and improving access for disabled clients and employees.  These include structural changes, equipment, and also providing Sign Language Interpreters.


A business that has a yearly revenue of $1 million or less or fewer than 30 full-time employees in the previous tax year can take advantage of this tax credit.


Information on these tax incentives and credits, along with other excellent information can be found at:


The Americans with Disabilities web site,

Fact Sheet 4;  Tax Incentives for Improving Accessibility:  Click Here 


The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Facts About Disability-Related Tax Provisions:  Click Here 


Kansas Commission on Disability Concerns

Business Tax Incentives Brochure:  Click Here 


Disabled Access Tax Credit, Form 8826:  Click Here 

'Realities of Accessibility Tax Credits and Deductions - Through a Deaf CPA's Eyes'    -Howard Knight

   This is an excellent article on why people may or may not take advantage of all the tax credits available.