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Sign Language Interpreting Services - Schedule an Interpreter

Sign Language Interpreting Services

How to Schedule an Interpreter

Interpreting Services Inc. at:

(316) 773-SIGN (7446)

Please call to schedule an interpreter as far in advance as possible to allow us every opportunity to fill your request.

When you call Sign Language Interpreting Services

please be ready to provide the following information:

• Service date, time and location

• Estimated length of the appointment

• The name of the individual who is deaf

• The topic of the appointment or the type of setting

• The contact person’s name and phone number

• Billing information, including the party responsible for payment and purchase order numbers or special billing instructions if needed. Sign language Interpreting Services will notify the contact person when arrangements have been confirmed.

Interpreting requires stamina and skill.  The optimum performance time for a sign language interpreter is 30 minutes, after which the efficiency level decreases.  Breaks are necessary.  For assignments over 2 hours we will decide if two interpreters are necessary based on your information about the assignment. In the event of cancellation or postponement, 24- hour advance notice is required to avoid billing. Contact Sign Language Interpreting Services to cancel or change an appointment