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Sign Language Interpreting Services - CEU Opportunities

Sign Language Interpreting Services

CEU Opportunities

Deaf Action Center

The Deaf Action Center has web based workshops.  Here are the Titles and Dates for the next 4!  Click on the title to go to the registration page!

Deaf-Hearing Tem Interpreting, 2/28/15, .3 CEUs, $55

DSM IV-TR to DSM 5: An Overview, 3/12/15,  .3 CEUs,  $55

Terping the Testaments Old: Part3 - Leviticus,  3/28/15, .3 CEUs,  $55

ADA Help Me How?,   (When is up to you, you will have 4 weeks to view it) $75



March 19-21, 2015, on line workshop from Zaboosh!  We have missed the early-bird registration but you still have plenty of time to register at the regular price of $198.  Several Wichita interpreters did this workshop last year and had only good things to say.  It is possible to earn 3.2 Ceu's with this workshop as you have 2 weeks after it is over to view all sessions, even those running concurrently!  Click Here to register!



Hi everyone!  I just learned about this great website,   Wink has workshops that travel around the country and some that you can do from home.  The one coming up is 'An Interpreter Practice Tool:  Parsing English with a decision tree'.  It will earn 1.0 Ceus and runs from Jan 14-Feb 15, 2015.  The cost is $129 (after 1/6/14 it goes up to $179).  Click here for the link!

CEUs On The Go!                     Ongoing        Cost:  Usually $25      

This is an ongoing web based opportunity.  They have live webinars and  I believe some archived webinars also.  They are on the RID list of approved sponsors.  To go to the website click here.



If you know of any workshop opportunities you would like to have posted here please contact me.

Thank you!  Sondra Schmittgens  316-644-7049  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.